Yggdra 2

Yggdra 3

Basic info
Gender Female
Japanese Voice Actor Nakahara Mai
English Voice Actor ???
Age: 17
Race: Human
Family: Ordene Artwaltz (Father)

Luciana Rune Artwaltz (older sister)
Aegina Eine Artwaltz (older sister)

Ace: Sword
Class: Sword Maiden
Birthplace: Fantasinia
Height: 157 cm
Favorite edible: Sweetberry
Loathe Edible: Mushrooms

Yggdra Yuril Artwaltz (ユグドラ=ユリル=アルトワルツ Yugudora Yuriru Arutowarutsu?), also known as Yggdra Juril Artwaltz is a recurring character in the Dept. Heaven series. She appears in Yggdra Union, Yggdra Unison, Blaze Union, Knights in the Nightmare, and Gloria Union. She is the seventeen-year-old princess of Fantasinia, whose life is turned upside down when her country is invaded by Bronquia and her parents killed in battle against its Emperor, Gulcasa. She escapes the castle with her family's treasured sword, the Gran Centurio, and slowly gathers allies from her own country and others to take her kingdom back.

Personality Edit

She is beloved by her people, and generally comes off to others as a kindhearted girl who can be both naive about the way the world works and a voice of authority. However, she is also revealed to be highly immature and holds a vendetta against Gulcasa for her parents' deaths. Over the course of the war, Yggdra slowly loses her childish idealism and becomes a wise and loving ruler, seeking peace because she understands the true cost of battle and learning that conflicts are never black and white.

Base StatsEdit

Stats GEN ATK TEC LUK Morale
3 2, 2 1, 9 1, 5 2800/3320
Abilities Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3 Ability 4 Equipment
> Golem Fort ☺ Void Holy < Darkness Block Counter
Yggdra Bases

Yggdra's Initial Stats

Knights in the NightmareEdit

Yggdra also reappears in Knights in the Nightmare, replacing Maria as main protagonist if the player has Yggdra Union PSP system data on their memory stick.

This version of the story in Knights in the Nightmare appears to assume the "Broonga Awakened" ending in Yggdra Union had occured as Yggdra told the Wisp she was fighting against an "evil dragon" before she came to the world of KitN.

KitN Base StatsEdit

Lv 20
VIT 7.77
L.I 96
C.I 74
LOY 0%

Gloria UnionEdit

She leads the Fantasinian Mercanary Team in Gloria Union. She has a similar past to the original Yggdra, but is not the same person. Click here to see this incarnation's page.



Yggdra's theme is called Yggdra Sortie! (ユグドラ出撃! Yugudora Shutsugeki?).

Yggdra Union-Yggdra Arranged Sortie25:06

Yggdra Union-Yggdra Arranged Sortie

Yggdra's arranged theme

Hidden Warrior's Knowledge from Knights in the Nightmare01:26

Hidden Warrior's Knowledge from Knights in the Nightmare

Yggdra's tutorial theme from KitN


  • Yggdra loves sweetberries and hates mushrooms.
  • Yggdra's birthday is June 2.
  • Yggdra's bloodtype is AB.

References Edit

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