Wurger Weiss Ritter
Basic info
Kana サザビー=サン=トリッツァ
Romaji Sazabī San Torittsa
Location Scene 26
Key Item Bafomet Mask

Wurger (サザビー Sazabī?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.


Pause Talk:

  • On Magda, An Annoying Lady: "Magda is such a pain..."
  • On Cougar, A Suspicious Man: "I caught a man with scars trying to invade."
  • On Schweiz, An Inflexible Man: "Have you seen a clerical worker with sharp eyes?"
  • On Lucana, A New Maid: "I figured she'd cry when she saw me, but..."
  • On Lucana, A New Maid: "I carried her around... I'd like a daughter..."
  • On Leonil, The Generals: "It seems General Aquina and General Leonil bicker."
  • On Norton, A Fat Man: "I caught someone who was just a knight's guest..."
  • "The cardinal looked panicked... What happened?"
  • "My own mother told me my face looked scary..."
  • "Who are you!? State your name!"
  • "I sense someone there!"
  • "I will die protecting this place!"
  • "I tend to jump to conclusions. It's my job."

Using Key Item:

  • "Perhaps I should wear a mask..."
  • "...This seems a little too small for me..."