Vitality (VIT) is an endurance stat introduced in Riviera: The Promised Land, and used commonly throughout the series.

In Riviera, Vitality helps to reduce damage against multi-hit attacks; high vitality increases the overall survivability of a unit. Consequently, low VIT makes multi-hitters punishing.

Attacks with the NOT-VIT property ignore this stat.

In Knights in the Nightmare, VIT serves as a sort of HP stat for the knights. Ordering a unit to attack will deplete vitality at the following rates:

Easy ModeEdit

  • Normal attacks and Skill attacks - 0.1

Other ModesEdit

  • Attack - 0.1
  • Skill Attack - 0.5
  • High Skill - 1.0
  • EX Skill - 3.0 (only available to Maria and Mellia)

Some enemy special attacks can also deplete it. Should VIT drop to zero (0), the knight will be forever lost, unable to return. There are, however, methods with which one may replenish the vitality of a knight. One way is by leveling them up via Experience Distribution. The other method to replenish VIT is Transoul. Note that a knight low on Vitality will flicker, beginning to fade away.

In Gungnir, when a unit loses Vitality, its maximum HP also decreases. Vitality is recovered every turn, however. Units that were defeated in the previous battle will have lowered VIT. Moving a unit with WT greater than zero (0) will also decrease its VIT.