I'd like to welcome all Riviera Wiki readers and editors to the Dept. Heaven Wiki!

This is the new home of the Riviera the Promised Land Wiki. That community decided to merge with the Dept. Heaven Wiki, which was completed April 21, 2013. All of the information, articles, and images on the old Wikis are still available on this Wiki (just use the navigation bar above or the search box to find whatever you're looking for) as well as all credit to users for the contributions they made.

Additionally, I'd like to welcome Rugikara as an Admin here on the Dept. Heaven Wiki. Rugikara was an Admin on the Riviera Wiki before deciding to team up with the Dept. Heaven Wiki community.

Being a Wiki with plenty of opportunity for growth and improvement, we need help from fans like you. Please visit the Community Portal to get started or contact me, or one of this Wiki's other Administrators.

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