The Soul Crucible (魂のるつぼ Tamashii no rutsubo?) is an item that has appeared in multiple episodes of the Dept. Heaven series.

A small jar containing countless soldiers' souls.

Soul Crucible first appeared in Yggdra Union as a pretty debilitating equip item that anyone can equip; it gives its holder a chance to avoid death if their Morale was reduced to zero (0).

GEN -4
LUK -6
Lasts 3 Battlefields
Equip All
Effect 1-Time Revival
Location BF26

Morale RecoveryEdit

Soul Crucible

The Soul Crucible is a Key Item in Knights in the Nightmare that is obtained from a Candlestick in Scene 1; the candle must respawn after being destroyed in order to obtain it. Used to tame Zolgonark in Scene 46.

This section is under research and construction. In this installment, the item shares attributes with its Yggdra Union counterpart. In addition, it appears to grant a single-time revival effect.