Serene (セレネ Serene?) is a playable character in Riviera: The Promised Land. She is one of the characters that accompanies Ein on his quest to stop the activation of the Retribution. She is the only Arc remaining in Lacrima Castle after Malice kills all the others for their souls in order to activate the Retribution, under the order of Hector.


Serene has short dark blue hair and blue eyes. Serene has a pseudo demonic appearance and real bat-like wings that allow her to fly.

Abilities and SpecialtiesEdit

The weapon she excels in is the scythe, as this is the only type of weapon which she can perform a Level 3
04 Serene's Status

Serene's Max stats

Over Skill with. She is also proficient with lances and claws, and makes decent use of swords, rapiers, and whips. She is the only character who can use the Mr. Bat items without fearing the bat turning on herself, and her attack targets the entire enemy group.

Her element is Ice, so she has high resistance to ice and uses ice magic; she also sports a slight Darkness resistance. Serene's weakness is Lightning, and she is also somewhat vulnerable to Fire, so be wary of this when dealing with strong enemies of those types such as Archangel.

Serene's main strengths are her powerful normal skills with rapiers, claws and scythes, and her ability to target an entire row with her level 3 Overskills. Her rapier stab is the strongest normal skill in the game with a standard weapon that also has reasonable accuracy (unlike Cierra's rapier magic shot). However, she has absolutely no way of consistently targeting the back row aside from her weak spear overskill or her inaccurate rapier Overskill. Many of her Overskills have low accuracy or are magic based and do terrible damage, even if the elemental weaknesses are exploited.

Character DataEdit

Hp Str Mgc Agl Vit Guard Recovery Body Type
1450 142 72 20 65 - -
Level 3
Level 2
Level 1

Trivia Edit

  • While most characters gain 6 STR (6 MGC for Cierra) from learning level 3 Over Skills, Serene instead gets 9 STR.
    • This is most likely to compensate for most of her level 1 and 2 Over Skills being magical.
    • However, Serene's level 3 Over Skills have significantly less base power per hit compared to those of equivalent weapons of her teammates. (With the exception of Fia's earlier rapiers.)
  • Serene's 'ears' are a fashion accessory and not part of her Arc features, as they are absent in her bathing scene portraits.