Scoppio the Hideous
Scoppio Mugshot
KitN Enemy
Class Titan
HP (Easy) {{{hp1}}}
HP (Medium) {{{hp2}}}
HP (Hard) {{{hp3}}}
HP (Nightmare) {{{hp4}}}
EXP 710000
Level 93
Move Ground
Key Item Black Talisman
Encountered Scene 23.5
Bullet I Calamity Hail
Bullet II Infernal Debris

Scoppio is a boss in Knights in the Nightmare. He is fought in Scene 23.5. He was hidden in the underground of Dreslow's Garden, the Treasure Room.


Pause Talk:

  • "Gwaaaah!"
  • "Hrahahahaaa!"
  • "Urrrggg!"
  • "Grahoooo!"

Using Key Item:

  • "Urrr... Ahhh..."
  • "I... I am..."

Gallery Edit

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