Russell blazeunion

Basic info
Gender Male
Japanese Voice Actor Watanabe Takehiko
English Voice Actor Vic Mignogna
Age: Blaze Union: 22

Yggdra Union:25

Race: Human
Family:  ???
Ace: Swords
Class: Fencer
Height: 176 cm

Russell (ラッセル Rasseru?) is a playable character in Yggdra Union and Yggdra Unison. Initially introduced as one of Gulcasa's top five generals, the twenty-five-year-old Russell is a swordsman who shows honor and chivalry towards both his allies and his enemies. He is known for his title as the "Astral Fencer". It is revealed in the fourth chapter that he has been enlisted in the Imperial Army by force—he was once part of the original Royal Army, but when Gulcasa captured Russell's home (Castle Karona, sitting right on the border of Bronquia) he was impressed by the swordsman's abilities and spirit and asked Russell to join the Imperial Army so that Gulcasa wouldn't have to kill him. Russell refused, but rather than lose such a strong fighter, Gulcasa imprisoned Russell's fiancée, Flone, with a promise to let her go once the war ended. If the player rescues Flone, Russell can be recruited, but otherwise he dies in the Royal Army's attack on Karona.


  • Shin Zantetsu: Ultimate katana that can even cut ethereal matter.
  • Zantetsu: A legendary blade that can cut anything in twain.
  • Yashamaru: A red mystic sword that emits wicked energy.


  • Russel hates all form of dairy.
  • Russel is illiterate.



Russell's battle theme is "Russell Sortie!" (ラッセル出撃! Rasseru Shutsugeki!?), also known as "Onward, Russell!". It is played during Russell's attacks. "The Astral Sword Gets Cold" (魔剣は冴え渡り Maken wa Saewatari?) is its arrangement that played in Blaze Union.

Blaze Union OST - 48 The Astral Sword Gets Cold Russel's Theme01:18

Blaze Union OST - 48 The Astral Sword Gets Cold Russel's Theme

Blaze Union arrangement of "Russel Sortie!"

Yggdra Union OST (GBA) - Russell Sortie!01:15

Yggdra Union OST (GBA) - Russell Sortie!

The GBA version of "Russell Sortie!"

Yggdra Union OST (PSP) - Russell Sortie!01:14

Yggdra Union OST (PSP) - Russell Sortie!

The PSP version of "Russell Sortie!"



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