Rivulia (裁きのリヴリア Sabaki no Rivulia?, Rivulia of Judgement) is an enemy in Knights in the Nightmare. She appears in the Fortress Gates in Scene 11, and is one of Lord Zolgonark's servants from the Underworld.

Judge Rivulia
Rivulia portrait
KitN Enemy
Class Judgment
HP (Easy) 12000
HP (Medium) 24000
HP (Hard) {{{hp3}}}
HP (Nightmare) {{{hp4}}}
EXP 330000
Level 84
Move Air
Key Item Justice Scales
Encountered Scene 11
Bullet I Energy Stream
Bullet II Twinkling Star


Pause Talk:Edit

  • "I will do my duty, even if it costs me my life..."
  • "The truth can be twisted within the soul..."
  • "My duty... is to block all passage here..."
  • "If I cannot protect this place, then my duty..."
  • "I cannot allow you to pass through here..."
  • "No one may pass through here..."
  • "Do you fear my judgment?"
  • On Zolgonark, Her Lord: "My lord's orders are absolute..."
  • On Zolgonark, Her Lord: "I must obey my lord's orders."
  • On Zolgonark, Her Lord: "My lord is my truth..."
  • On Zolgonark, Her Lord: "As you wish..."
  • On Wilmgard, The Strange Light: "...Who are you...?"

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "I bring judgment for those who stray from the path..."
  • "I will bring judgement to all beings..."
  • "I must not be deceived by what is hidden to me..."
  • "I need nothing but the Truth..."


Rivulia's battle music is "Clash with Rivulia the Judgment" (裁きのリヴリアとの激突 Sabaki no Rivuria to no Gekitotsu?), also known as "Judgment". It is played during Rivulia's battle in Scene 11.

Knights in the Nightmare Music - Clash with Rivlia the Judgement02:05

Knights in the Nightmare Music - Clash with Rivlia the Judgement

Rivulia's battle theme (DS)

Knights in the Nightmare OST (PSP) - Clash with Rivulia the Judgment02:06

Knights in the Nightmare OST (PSP) - Clash with Rivulia the Judgment

Rivulia's battle theme (PSP)


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