Potion is an item in Riviera: The Promised Land and Gungnir.


It recovers 75% of a character's MAX HP and typically comes in a set of 3 (three). If Fia uses Mix Potion, a Potion set is created, replacing the Healing Herb. Ledah will not use it.


S RankEdit

A RankEdit

  • Hell Hound - x3

B RankEdit

  • Hell Hound - x3

A widely used medication. Low HP recovery.

In Gungnir, the Potion is a common, mass-produced medicine used to restore lost health.


Elemental IndexEdit



  • Main Action I: Potion
    • Type: Direct Supplement
    • Act: Delay 6 / CT 0
    • Target: Sight Line of 5 spaces.
    • Support: HP Recovery 35%


  • Category: Item
  • Capacity Requirement: 8
  • Units: All human classes.


  • Null Gems: 1
  • Fire Gems: 0
  • Water Gems: 0
  • Earth Gems: 0
  • Wind Gems: 0


  • Cost: 800 gold
  • Sell: 400 gold
  • Quantity: 3

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