Prince Nordich...! Where are you?
Piche the Tragedy (悲運のピスチェ)
KitN Enemy
Class Harpy
HP (Easy) 6250
HP (Medium) 12500
HP (Hard) 25000
HP (Nightmare) {{{hp4}}}
EXP 1110000
Level 75
Move Air
Key Item Handkerchief
Encountered Scene 38
Bullet I Feather Mirage
Bullet II Cleaving Wind

Piche (ピスチェ=ピアノッテ=ルキウス Pisuche Pianotte Rukiusu?), also known as Pisce, is Cardinal Capehorn's granddaughter.

Website DescriptionEdit

The young granddaughter of Cardinal Capehorn. Raised in solitude save for some knight attendants, she quickly develops a childish love for Prince Nordich.

Tome DescriptionEdit

"The gentle-hearted granddaughter of Cardinal Capehorn. She has few acquaintances within the palace, and her feelings for Prince Nordich grow every day. The prince also shares her feelings, but they are unable to meet publicly. Due of political obligations, the Prince was arranged to marry the Princess of the Tiamats"


Piche's battle music is "Clash with Cursed Piche" (呪いのピスチェとの激突 Noroi no Pisuche to no Gekitotsu?), also known as "Clash with Cursed Pische" and "Cry of the Innocent". It is played during Piche's battle in Scene 38.

Knights in the Nightmare OST (DS) - Clash with Cursed Piche-101:55

Knights in the Nightmare OST (DS) - Clash with Cursed Piche-1

Knights in the Nightmare - Clash with Cursed Piche01:53

Knights in the Nightmare - Clash with Cursed Piche


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Capehorn, Her Grandfather: "G... Grandfa... ther..."
  • "*shriek*"
  • "Shreeeeee!"
  • "I... am..."
  • "Shrieeeek!"
  • "Keeeeeeee!"
  • "Keeeeee!"
  • "It.. It hurts...".
  • "Shrieeeeeek!"
  • "Shraaaaa!"

Using Key Item:Edit

  • On Nordich, Her Beloved: "N--Nnnnn..."
  • On Nordich, Her Beloved: "Prince... Nor..."
  • On Nordich, Her Beloved: "Help... me... Nordich, please..."

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