Oryze Vid Eh Dapho
"I want to become strong, like Seriee..."
Knight of Aventheim
Title Chirping Sparrow
Kana オリザ=ヴィッド=エ=デフォー
Romaji Orizā Viddo E Defō
Japanese Name Oryza Vidd et Defoe
Race Amartia
Sex Female
Age 15
Order 9th
Unit Class Duelist
Element Fire
Level 26
Encountered Scene 21
Item Gold Bookmark
Route Both

Oryze, also known as Oryza is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.


Oryze wears her red hair in pigtails. She has blue eyes and she wears striped pink and blue armor.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 26
L.I 20
C.I 69
LOY 22%

Website DescriptionEdit

Becoming a knight at the young age of 15, she is seen as a promising candidate for greatness under the tutelage of Granitz. However, she lacks experience.

Tome DescriptionEdit

"She is currently the youngest knight in the kingdom, and all her comrades are amazed by her. In truth, she is much more immature than people realize she is, and she is still very naive about the world around her. Professionally, she idolizes Seriee and hopes to be as skilled as her one day."


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Beatrix, A Lonely Girl: "I want to be her friend."
  • On Beatrix, A Lonely Girl: "Everyone says Lady Beatrix is too smart to talk to."
  • On Beatrix, A Lonely Girl: "I heard she's never smiled before."
  • On Seriee, An Idol: "I want to become strong, like Lady Seriee..."
  • On Seriee, An Idol: "Lady Seriee told me that my heart has to be strong."
  • On Diane, A Good Teacher: "My teacher knows it all."
  • On Diane, A Good Teacher: "She's scary when she's mad, but I know she means well."
  • On Silvano, Another Student: "Miss Diane even taught Lady Silvano!"
  • On Granitz, A Loved Superior: "Oh nooo! I have to report to Sir Granitz right away!"
  • On Granitz, A Loved Superior: "I am serving Sir Granitz."
  • On Granitz, A Loved Superior: "Sir Granitz isn't a scary person."
  • On Cougar, A Kind Man: "A knight gave me a piece of candy the other day."
  • On Cougar, A Kind Man: "Sometimes Sir Cougar gives me snacks."
  • On Nordich, A Kingdom's Heir: "Sir Cougar was worried about the prince."
  • On Nordich, A Kingdom's Heir: "I knew the prince was just getting tricked by people."
  • "I'm too young to be of much use yet..."
  • "The food we get isn't very good at all..."
  • "Ca-Cardinal Capehorn is...! S-Sir Granitz! Come quick!"
  • "So what's a cardinal? I heard he's the bad guy..."
  • "My mom's cooking is the best."
  • "I wont... cry anymore."
  • "I wonder if I'll be of any use..."
  • "Do you think alcohol tastes very good...?"

Using Key Item:Edit

  • On Irma, A Kind Lady: "Lady Irma gave this to me as a souvenir."
  • "I can't wait to see what happens next."
  • On Irma, A Kind Lady: "I'm not lonely, because she's there."


  • "I will... fight with you!"

Level Up:Edit

  • "I'll work hard!"
  • "Now I can be useful?"
  • "I'll work hard so I can be useful to everyone!"
  • "Wowwww! I'm stronger!?"


  • "So I have no potential...?"

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