Minotta Y. Irving
"Don't remind me of the Cardinal! Don't even speak his name!"
Knight of Aventheim
Title Emerald Observer
Kana ミナティール=Y.アーヴィン
Romaji Minatīru Y. Āvin
Japanese Name Minattier Y. Irvine
Race Rondalia
Sex Female
Age 26
Order 9th
Unit Class Hermit
Element Darkness
Level 28
Encountered Scene 24
Item Urn Shard
Route Maria

Minotta, also known as Minattier is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 28
VIT 36
L.I 27
C.I 77
LOY 45%

Website Description Edit

A knight who is usually quiet and kind, but is to be feared when her temper ignites. She keeps the two middle-aged delinquent in her order in line.

Tome Description Edit

"She is very serious about her duties and takes it upon herself to act as a big sister to her peers. Although she is usually calm and composed, Minotta has been known to become so heatedly angry that her temper is legendary among the other knights. She is a very fast learner and keen observer, and she she despises Cardinal Capehorn with every fiber of her being. She takes special care to watch over Anette and care for her."

Quotes Edit

Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Anette, An Assuming Girl: "She's always so quick to assume things."
  • On Anette, An Assuming Girl: "I watch over her like she's a little sister."
  • On Anette, An Assuming Girl: "I hope she's not getting the wrong idea again..."
  • On Donnel, An Anxious Uncle: "Anette's uncle is far too protective of her."
  • On Josef, A Delinquent: "Josef just doesn't give up."
  • On Josef, A Delinquent: "I'm glad he's got charm, but he should act his age."
  • On Aura, Josef's Niece: "It's hard to imagine Josef with a niece..."
  • On Jungwil, A Delinquent: "Where is his passion? He's too relaxed."
  • On Jungwil, A Delinquent: "Jungwil might be handsome if he'd just shut up..."
  • On Nestor, A Growing Boy: "I love to see children smile. It heals my heart."
  • On Pascale, An Elegant Lady: "His mother carries herself well for having him around."
  • On Yelma, The Cardinal's Men: "More than anything, I hate the cardinal's henchmen."
  • On Aquina, The Cardinal's Men: "I can't bring myself to like his underlings..."
  • "When I get angry, I take three deep breaths."
  • On Capehorn, A Horrible Man: "Capehorn is giving orders to knights! It's awful!"
  • On Capehorn, A Horrible Man: "A man like the cardinal could never manage us."
  • On Capehorn, A Horrible Man: "The cardinal does as he pleases now. It's shameful."
  • On Capehorn, A Horrible Man: "Don't remind me of the cardinal."
  • On Gunther, A Grand Marshal: "Grand Marshal Gunther can manage an entire army..."
  • On Nordich, An Immature Heir: "I think the prince is getting used..."
  • "Relationships should account for weakness."
  • "The cardinal has no right to be in military affairs."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "...I just remembered something horrible..."
  • "I have a habit doing things without thinking..."


  • "...Understood."

Level Up:Edit

  • "It's important to know your capabilities..."
  • "Don't worry, my violent streak is pacified."
  • "I accept this with the utmost gratitude."
  • "I've gained so much power. I need to work hard..."


  • "...Understood."