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Mellia (メリア Meria?) is the heroine in Knights in the Nightmares blue path. She is an angel in armor, known also as Armored Maiden. She is the one who took the wisp from the castle. She appears in Scene 10 to help the wisp, and in exchange she asked for the wisp's strength to defeat Maria and Zolgonark. Mellia and Maria are looking for Ancardia, the holy staff. If Mellia finds Ancardia, she will break it and it, triggering a bad ending; if not, Marietta will find Ancardia and ask the wisp to help her.

Mellia is one of Marietta's halves. Marietta wished to become pure, so she asked Zolgonark to separate her dark side from her good side. Zolgonark obliged to her request, but with strings attached; he split her into two entities (Maria being her good half, and Mellia her bad), and in exchange, Zolgonark ordered Marietta to work under him.


Mellia's battle theme is "Mellia Sortie!" (メリア出撃! Meria Shutsugeki!?), also known as "Meria Sortie!" and "Angel of Hubris". It is played during Scene 10, Scene 12, and Scene 28 in Mellia's storyline.

Knights in the Nightmare OST (DS) - Mellia Sortie!01:43

Knights in the Nightmare OST (DS) - Mellia Sortie!

Knights in the Nightmare OST (PSP) - Mellia Sortie!01:43

Knights in the Nightmare OST (PSP) - Mellia Sortie!



Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Marietta, Unnecessary Half: "I must... destroy her, quickly..."
  • "If you seek to hold me back, I'll have no mercy!"
  • "Hmph! I'm going to do as I please. Nothing else."
  • "I'm not fighting for anyone else. This is all for me!"
  • "I'm finally free to do as I please!"
  • "I will get rid of anyone who stands in my way!"
  • "You cannot resist! Get out of my way!"
  • "All I wish is to be made whole once again..."

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