Fallen Angel Melissa
Melissa icon
KitN Enemy
Class Dark Angel
HP (Easy) {{{hp1}}}
HP (Medium) {{{hp2}}}
HP (Hard) {{{hp3}}}
HP (Nightmare) {{{hp4}}}
EXP 1010000 (Scene 30)
Level 90 (Scene 30)
Move Ground
Key Item Holy Necklace
Encountered Scene 14, Scene 18, Scene 22, Scene 30,
Bullet I Death Thrust
Bullet II Disastrous Omen
It belongs to me ...

Melissa or known as Fallen Angel Melissa [ 堕天使メリッサ] is a boss in Knights in the Nightmare. unlike Marietta who is an Archangel she is a Dark Angel. she is actually Mellia when played the blue path.


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Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Zolgonark, Zolgonark: "His power... It was heady and irresistible..."
  • "This time of imbalance is when I will prove myself..."
  • "If the peace is disrupted, it matters not to me..."
  • "I wanted... strength..."
  • "I will never look back."


Melissa's Battle theme is "Clash with the Fallen Angel Melissa". it is played during her Encounter.

Knights in the Nightmare - Music Clash with the Fallen Angel Melissa02:13

Knights in the Nightmare - Music Clash with the Fallen Angel Melissa

DS Version


Artwork from the Tome of Lost Souls.


Additional artwork from the Tome of Lost Souls.

KitN Melissa Sprite

Melissa's Portrait.

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