Margaret Maccia Torres
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Basic info
Kana マルガレーテ=マキア=トールップ
Romaji Marugarēte Makia Tōruppu
Location Scene 28
Key Item Special Lunch

Margaret (マルガレーテ Marugarēte?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.


Pause Talk:

  • On Rolenta, a Neighbor: "I lived right next door to them."
  • On Rolenta, A Neighbor: "If Flora is with her, she should be alright."
  • "I wish my son could be more like Flora."
  • On Merrick, A New Maid: "Merrick, visiting the library? A rarity indeed."
  • On Olson, A Bookstore: "Merrick should be able to find what she's after."
  • On Orlando, A Famous Teacher: "I hear there is a great teacher in the royal city."
  • On Leonil, A Wild Knight: "I can't believe someone so rude could become a knight."
  • "Everyone has at least one thing they're good at."
  • "I become a different person when I take my glasses off."
  • "I found armor that looked similar to the king's..."
  • "I've read about armor and weapons of the Underworld."
  • "I keep telling my child to follow all the rules..."

Using Key Item:

  • "This is a delivery for them."
  • "I'm a nutritionist, so I'm good at things like this."

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