Lucana Y. Ample
Basic info
Kana ルカーナ=Y.アンプル
Romaji Rukāna Y. Anpuru
Location Scene 24
Key Item 4-Leaf Clover

Lucana (ルカーナ Rukāna?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare. She is a new maid who works in Aventheim castle.


Pause Talk:

  • On Alfred, An Adored Knight: "Sir Alfred often looks like he's in pain..."
  • "I ripped a sheet in the wash. Maybe nobody knows..."
  • On Wurger, A Kind Man: "I've always wanted a big brother just like that..."
  • On Schweiz, One Who Scolds: "I thought the opinion box was a trash can... Whoops."
  • On Schweiz, One Who Scolds: "I hope the wine I poured into the cistern is okay."
  • On Nestor, A Blue-Eyed Boy: "I gave a cute, little boy in the kitchen some bread."
  • On Melissa, A winged Beauty: "The king was lying at the feet of a lady with wings."
  • "I was so scared... I couldn't move..."
  • "I was cleaning as usual... It was a coincidence!"
  • "I heard screams, and then saw nothing but white..."
  • "I get scolded a lot because I work slowly..."

Using Key Item:

  • "I found this while I was cleaning the yard..."
  • "I wonder if I can be lucky..."