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Heroes Vs Villains

There are many enemies fought whislt playing through the game, and can be categorised into several 'families'. Each monster from the same family has the same sprite, however, is coloured differently.
  • Archer Family
  • Ape Family
  • Bomber Family
  • Bug Family
  • Dragon Family
  • Elemental Family
  • Evil Mage Family
  • Ghost Family
  • Giant Serpent Family
  • Golem Family
  • Gremlin Family
  • Crow Family
  • Half-beast Family
  • Harpy Family
  • Hound Family
  • Knight Family
  • Lizardmen Family
  • Magician Family
  • Pixie Family
  • Plant Family
  • Slime Family
  • Spider Family
  • Succubus Family
  • Undead Family
  • Warrior Family

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