Lina (ルゥリ Ruuri?), also known as Lyuri is a playable character in Riviera: The Promised Land. She is a Sprite girl who has lived with Fia since she moved to Elendia two years before the story of the game begins. She joins up with Ein's party at the same time as Fia. She doesn't have much affection for Ein initially, but depending on the actions of the player, she can fall in love with him by the end of the game. Her surname was not given by Sting. Some fans hold her birthday to be November 22, the release date of the PSP version in Japan.

She is voiced by Konno Hiromi in the Japanese PSP release and Stephanie Sheh in the English PSP release.


Lina appears as a young girl almost like a child. Her attire matches her childish personality. It is said that she is actually quite a bit older than she looks. In one scene, she claims to be a year older than Fia, who neither confirms nor denies it.


Lina is cheerful, whimsical, and extremely immature—most of the time. However, she does show her occasional moments of brilliance and good judgment of character every now and then and helps to cheer Ein up during his dark moments. She doesn't know much about everyday mundane things (like what kinds of wood are used to light her and Fia's own stove), but brings energy and drive to Ein's quest like no other. Her childishness is implied to be just an act to make her look more cutesy.

Abilities Edit

05 Lina's Status

Lina's Max Stats

Lina is particularly strong with bows, and is notable for having Overskills that do extra damage to flying enemies. She gets slightly more accuracy than her party members with throwing items. She has the highest Speed stat in the game, and can sometimes seem to get an extra turn compared to her teammates. If given a claw to wield, she can build the Overdrive meter very quickly. Lina has an extremely useful immunity to DAZZLE, one of the most debilitating status effects in the game, and her weakness to HEAT means little as that status effect is very mild. However, she has no resistance to Sleep.

Lina is best described as a niche character who is tremendously useful in certain battles but falls short in many others. She is useful against flying enemies who take tremendous damage from her bow Overskill, but there are other less apparent places in which she shines. She is also useful in battles where the enemy's back line is threatening, as she can focus damage on the back row with her spear and bow normal skills, and finish weakened enemies off with her low-HP-targeting spear Overskill. Against battles with bat-type enemies, she can be placed in the back row to absorb all their DAZZLE-inflicting attacks.

Under normal circumstances, though, Lina's balanced STR and MGC mean her offense is subpar compared to her more-specialized teammates, and she has poor weapon compatibility being the only character who cannot use swords and rapiers while using uncommon weapons such as claws and whips. Several of her overskills are essentially useless, such as the scythe and book overskills, due to low damage, high WT penalty, or both. Good knowledge of her Overskills can help with identifying battles in which she can be put to good use. For instance, her Barrage overskill is devastating against the Archangel, and her Rising Claw overskill does tremendous damage against the golem enemy in the final chapter.

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Trivia Edit

  • Lina weighs 84 pounds or 38kg.