Isabel Irena Ragford
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Basic info
Kana イザベラ=イシュ=ラグフィールド
Romaji Izabera Ishu Ragufīrudo
Location Scene 6
Key Item Holy Water

Isabel (イザベラ Izabera?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare. She is Lyzz's stepmother.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Melfi, A Farm Girl: "The milk from that farm is quite fresh and good."
  • On Melfi, A Farm Girl: "I gave her fresh bread in return for the milk."
  • On Lyzz A Great Daughter: "She's a good girl. Smart, and hardworking, too."
  • On Lyzz, A Great Daughter: "It's silly to put so much value on blood relations."
  • On Lyzz, A Great Daughter: "Her real father was a knight. Perhaps it's fate."
  • On Ernest, A Daughter's Hero: "He was the one who showed my daughter the world."
  • On Ernest, A Daughter's Hero: "Ernest takes better care of people than I do."
  • On Belta, A Genius Knight: "I've overheard Lyzz talking about a great knight."
  • On Belta, A Genius Knight: "I'd expect greatness if she has Ernest's respect."
  • On Nadia, A Neighbor: "I go grocery shopping with Nadia quite often."
  • On Norton, A Handsome Man: "I saw a whistling noble enter the forest."
  • "Yakut milk makes bread smell and taste better."
  • "I just hope Lyzz isn't so lonely..."
  • "I haven't seen any migrating birds lately..."
  • "I bake bread using Yakut milk instead of regular."
  • "So many soldiers came... I thought a war was starting."
  • "There're many crows these days. It's discomforting."
  • "I dropped a plate and it shattered..."
  • "I haven't heard any more rumors about a war..."
  • "I wonder what I should make for dinner tonight..."
  • "I'm quite a baker. Maybe I should open a bakery?"

Using Key Item:Edit

  • On Lyzz, A Great Daughter: "Her real mother was a cleric, you know."
  • On Lyzz, A Great Daughter: "Lyzz's real parents... aren't with us anymore."
  • "I'm still so scared to talk to her about it..."
  • "This will stay a secret until I can tell her..."

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