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Hades is the king of demons, and the ruler of Utgard, being Asgard's greatest enemy and threat. He is also known as Zolgonark; he started the great war of Ragnarok, which resulted in the Gods' demise.


Hades is a secret post-game boss that can be fought in the GBA and PSP versions. One must obtain the Key to Hell in Mireno Cemetery to access this optional chapter. In the PSP version, one must go through a dungeon before reaching Hades; in the GBA version, he is simply encountered and fought. In the PSP version, it is possible for Ein to be accompanied by Ledah instead of the girls if certain requirements are met first.

List of SkillsEdit


Wing Attack Stats
Type Physical Attack
Power 200
Hits 2
Accuracy 95%
Base Wait 70
Variance 20%
Target Near Enemy
Effects None


Dark Breath Stats
Type Dark Magic
Power 160
Hits 3
Accuracy 115%
Base Wait 100
Variance 14%
Target All Enemies
Effects Poison


  • Chaotic Propel: Boosts/Adds regeneration.
  • Evil Temperance: Raises STR and MGC.

Break Out!Edit

Curse of Chaos
Curse of Chaos Stats
Type Dark Magic
Power 160
Hits 3
Accuracy 125%
Base Wait 120
Variance 16%
Target All Enemies
Effects Cannot be avoided/guarded; ignores Vitality


Hades Stats


HP STR MGC AGL VIT Guard Recovery Class
20,000 120 110 5 0 0% 1% Undead, Dragon


20 -60 -60 -60 -60

Status ResistEdit

Dazzle Freeze Heat Poison Purify Sleep Stone
Immune Immune Immune Immune 51% Immune Immune

Battling HadesEdit

Hades is the most powerful boss in the game statistically, sporting HP so high that it shows up as ??? for the majority of the battle. With careful character and item selecting, defeating him will not be too difficult. Hades' Break Out!, Curse of Chaos, is a heavy damaging attack that hits the entire group. Also note that he regenerates a small fraction of his health each time he gets to move, a trait shared with Ledah.

Hades appears as Zolgonark, a very powerful demon summoned by Capehorn and Yelma through a ritual.

His class is known as Hades.


Hades Mugshot

Hades Mugshot

GBA--Riviera The Promised Land Jul21 18 17 24

Screen shot of Hades in the Face Collection.


  • Hades, in Riviera, is a simple palette swap of the Zombie Dragon secret boss in Mireno Cemetery.

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