Grunval Lena Eh Cael
Knight of Aventheim
Title Eye of Salvation
Kana グルンワルデ=リオン=エ=カレル
Romaji Gurunwarude Rion E Kareru
Japanese Name Grunwalde Rion et Karel
Race Amartia
Sex Female
Age 33
Order 3rd
Unit Class Hermit
Element Darkness
Level 43
Encountered Scene 43
Item Present Box
Route Mellia

Grunval, also known as Grunwalde is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 43
VIT 29
L.I 46
C.I 86
LOY 28%

Tome DescriptionEdit

"She is a young mother whose sense of justice often gets her into trouble. Although she once idolizes Yelma, Grunval soon learned the truth and now despises her. Grunval is very close friends with Isolde. She loves children and is very emotional."


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Isolde, A True Friend: "What would Isolde say at a time like this?"
  • On Isolde, A True Friend: "Isolde would tell me to take three deep breaths."
  • On Isolde, A True Friend: "No wonder Isolde scolds me! I'm too gullible!"
  • On Alfred, A Dense Man: "Snap out of it, you fool!"
  • On Alfred, A Dense Man: "I can't leave Alfred alone. I was just like him."
  • On Capehorn, A Man of Secrets: "Even I knew the cardinal's actions were questionable."
  • On Piche, A Granddaughter: "She seems so innocent, yet so mysterious..."
  • "Wh-What's come over me, recently?"
  • On Yelma, One of No Honor: "In the end, I was the one played for a fool."
  • On Yelma, One of No Honor: "What were Yelma's true motives?"
  • On Yelma, One of No Honor: "She betrayed not only me, but all of the knights!"
  • On Yelma, One of No Honor: "Yelma's motives were always different than our own."
  • On Yelma, One of No Honor: "That harlot! She planned this betrayal all along!?"
  • On Yelma, One of No Honor: "Yelma used us all like pawns!"
  • On Yelma, One of No Honor: "That witch had this betrayal planned!"
  • "I was a fool not to realize the truth. I am an idiot."
  • "What did I do wrong? I won't know for a while..."


  • "I see. I'll carry out my own investigation, then..."

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