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"Sacred blade of judgement, become my wings!"
- Ein as he initiates Disaresta (full power)

Disaresta is Ein's signature move in Riviera: The Promised Land. It is one of the most devastating skills available to the player, and is Execution level, so the Overdrive Meter will shatter if used. However, like Ledah's Lost Seraph, it can be used at any tier, even Lv. 0. As he executes Disaresta, Ein shouts: "This is the will of the gods... DISARESTA!!!" Upon finishing the attack, Ein states: "I guess it's our fate to pass judgement on demons", and his victory quote becomes: "This is the duty of the Grim Angels..."


"The Angelic Plume shall be the knife of justice"

  • Breaks Overdrive Meter


Disaresta's power depends on how much of the OD Meter is filled. When completely filled, it will land eight consecutive strikes on a target, inflicting physical Holy damage. The 5th stroke rakes the nearest row, and the 6th one pierces the main target. Finally, after seven slashes are performed, Ein ascends into the air, and performs a final bring-down slash. Heralded by lightning flashes, an enormous shockwave engulfs the entire enemy's party. Using this move will render the Overdrive Meter unusable for the remainder of the battle, if all enemies are not eliminated by it. With Ledah's absence from the party, Disaresta serves as a replacement for Lost Seraph, and offers the player a high S-Rank chance if it finishes all enemies.

Riviera - Ein's Overskill "Disaresta"00:38

Riviera - Ein's Overskill "Disaresta"

Disaresta Demonstration

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