Crystal Rod (クリスタルロッド Kurisutaru Roddo?) is a weapon that appears in Yggdra Union and Knights in the Nightmare.

A staff with a polished crystal attached to the top.

The Crystal Rod debuted in Yggdra Union as an item for Staff users. It is acquired through trading the Rune Crystal, but this item can only be acquired in Battle Field 11A, which means Rosary must be killed. There is no other way to obtain the Crystal Rod.

Crystal Rod
ATK +4
TEC +2
Lasts 2 Maps
Equip Staff
Effect [O] Ice attack UP
Location BF11A

Morale DataEdit

Crystal Rod
Type Wizard
Element Ice
Level 33
Law Attack Absolute Zero
Chaos Attack Crystal Dust -> Diamond Dust
Effect 1 10
Effect 2 33
Effect 3 14
Phase Name Damage Hits Total
Law Absolute Zero 1846 2 3692
Chaos Crystal Dust -> Diamond Dust 632 9 5688

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