Cress Follet
Knight of Aventheim
Title Adroit Tactician
Kana クレス=フォレット
Romaji Kuresu Foretto
Japanese Name Cress Follett
Race Nestico
Sex Male
Age 22
Order 11th
Unit Class Archer
Element Neutral
Level 8
Encountered Scene 7
Item Tactics Manual
Route Mellia

Cress is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 8
VIT 35
L.I 61
C.I 50
LOY 48%

Tome Description Edit

"A humble and self-deprecating Archer, he idolizes Ganosh and is worried he will never have that degree of talent in his lifetime. Cress loves learning about people's past and the hardships they have had to overcome. He is very close friends with Simone, and has a great deal of respect for Isolde. He knows why Crozeph acts the way she does among the other knights."


Pause Talk:Edit

  • "Before, the life I lived was wasted."
  • "Isolde may be... lonely."
  • On Simone, A Close Friend: "I know much of Simone. We fight in the same order."
  • On Simone, A Close Friend: "She doesn't say much, but I can open up to her."
  • On Simone, A Close Friend: "I'm not good with words, so I don't say much..."
  • On Ganosh, One Too Distant: "Ganosh is an important man."
  • On Ganosh, One Too Distant: "He's an archer, like me, but he's with the prince."
  • On Ganosh, One Too Distant: "I feel I could never reach his status. I try, though."
  • On Isolde, One to Respect: "I'm going to train until I've caught up to her."
  • On Crozeph, A Hidden Self: "I saw Crozeph writing in a book of some sort."
  • On Crozeph, A Hidden Self: "Was she writing a journal? She looked so at peace..."
  • On Crozeph, A Hidden Self: "I never knew she was capable of a warm smile."
  • On Pilgrim, An Earnest Man: "I don't understand Pilgrim very well..."
  • On Pilgrim, An Earnest Man: "How does one become that enthusiastic?"
  • On Pilgrim, An Earnest Man: "I suppose it's nice that he has passion."
  • "I've heard stories of monsters from the forest.
  • "I've studied swordplay, but I have no knack for it."
  • "We came to investigate some incidents in the town..."
  • "Nobody here seems to have any problems. It's fine..."
  • "...Maybe those who went to the castle were attacked...?"

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "This tactical manual is very important to me."


  • "I will gladly join you!"

Level Up:Edit

  • "I don't think... power is everything..."
  • "Thank you very much!"
  • "We all need strength to protect our friends."
  • "There is something I want to protect."


  • "Please, give me another chance!"