Cierra (シエラ Shiera?) is a playable character from Riviera: The Promised Land and one of the characters that accompanies Ein in order to stop the Retribution. She is a witch, also known as the Scarlet Witch, and specializes in the use of fire and flame-based attacks.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Cierra is a kind, powerful witch, albeit being clumsy is her downfall. She tends to be easy going and relaxed even in the most awkward of situations, such as when she falls on top of Ein in Nelde Ruins. Cierra can be mean in her own way, humiliating others without realising it, (or maybe she does know and is doing it intentionally, passing it off as something small).

She wears a typical witch's hat, which is black in colour and has a strip of red closer to the brim. She wears a red dress, with serrated edges and is quite revealing. To complete her appearance, she also wears thigh-high heeled boots.

Cierra has long red hair which flows around her and turns to curls at the ends.

Abilities and SpecialtiesEdit

03 Cierra's Status

Cierra's Max Stats

Cierra has the highest MGC stat in the game, and usually does the most amount of damage per turn out of all her teammates. She has a massive HP stat as well as a result of her huge Overskill pool: apart from the standard weapons, she can learn skills from all elemental jewels, some food items, and many unusual items such as the Witch Broom and Fallen Fan. Her resistance to fire is the highest as it is the element she specializes in; ice being her greatest weakness, however her MGC is so high that even ice magic barely scratches her. Her preferred weapon is a staff; with these, she can perform Level 3 Over Skills that are quite powerful. She can also master Spell Books and Whips to perform Level 2 Over Drive, though the whip skills are rarely useful as it is a physical attack. She can also use Swords, Rapiers and Bows for Level 1 Overskills. With these weapons, she still does tremendous damage, but is let down by poor accuracy, random targeting and long WT times. Cierra's main weaknesses are a complete lack of resistance to FREEZE, terrible WT times after any attack, and poor accuracy (as a result of her low AGL) especially in the early parts of the game where her AGL is only a single digit.

Character DataEdit

Hp Str Mgc Agl Vit Guard Recovery Body Type
1850 41 174 10 73 - -
Level 3
Level 2
Level 1