Brascendo is a weapon in Dept. Heaven series.

"A demonic spear that slowly eats the user's soul."

Brascendo is an item in Yggdra Union. It raises ATK, LUK, and TEC by 4. It absorbs the wearer's morale gradually. It is equipped to Leon in BF11.

Morale RecoveryEdit

Type Lance Knight
Element Darkness
Level 40
Law Attack Purgatory Stab -> Genocide Stab
Chaos Attack Hell March
Effect 1 49
Effect 2 91
Effect 3 41
Phase Name Damage Hits Total
Law Purgatory Stab -> Genocide Stab 3660 2 7320
Chaos Hell March 752 4 3008

Brascendo (魔槍ブラシェンド Mayari Burashendo?) is a weapon in Knights in the Nightmare.

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