The Bloody Rose is an axe-like weapon that has appeared in most episodes of the Dept. Heaven series.

Kylier's weapon. Its needles resemble a bright red rose.

In Yggdra Union, the Bloody Rose is the signature weapon of Kylier.

GEN +4
TEC +4
LUK None
Lasts Forever
Equip Kylier only
Effect [O] Power 25% UP
Location Equipped to Kylier

Morale RecoverEdit

Bloody Rose (ブラッディローズ Buraddirōzu?) is a mace in Knights in the Nightmare.

Bloody Rose
Type Priestess
Element Fire
Level 52
Law Attack Ashen Ray -> Cinder Ray
Chaos Attack Star's Call -> Star's Fury
Effect 1 35
Effect 2 01
Effect 3 32
Phase Name Damage Hits Total
Law Ashen Ray -> Cinder Ray 294 16 4704
Chaos Star's Call -> Star's Fury 722 8 5776

Painted red to look like blood splatter.

Gungnir StatisticsEdit


  • Weapon Type: Hammer
  • Grade: 2 Stars
  • Affinity: Fire




  • Category: 2-hand weapon
  • Capacity Requirement: 37
  • Units: Brute only.


  • Cost: 7,200 gold.
  • Sell: 3,600 gold.

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