Black Brand (ブラックブランド Burakku Burando?) is a weapon that has appeared in many episodes of the Dept. Heaven series.

A magic-user's sword, covered with a dark aura.

Black Brand appeared first in Yggdra Union. This item requires the Obsidian found in Battle Field 10. The player must kill Roswell and go on to Battle Field 11B (Rosary's route). To obtain this item, Zilva's assassin squad must appear; once this event has occurred, the Black Brand can be collected from the northern-most village blocked off by the lake. Nietzsche is needed, as only she can cross over water tiles at this point.

GEN -4
ATK -2
Lasts 1 Maps
Equip Magicians
Effect Dark attack UP
Location BF11B

Morale Restore DataEdit

Black Brand
Type Priestess
Element Darkness
Level 6
Law Attack Soiled Road
Effect 1 59
Effect 2 26
Effect 3 29

Phase Name Damage Hits Total
Law Soiled Road 497 5 2485

A jet-black magic sword infused with the power of earth.

Gungnir StatisticsEdit


  • Weapon Type: Great Sword
  • Grade: 1 Star
  • Affinity: Earth





  • Cost: 8,800 gold
  • Sell: 4,400 gold

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