Baltar Bert Brouden
"Gudrun... Be safe!"
Knight of Aventheim
Title Hopeful Sky
Kana バルタァ=バード=ブロウデン
Romaji Barutaa Bādo Buoruden
Japanese Name Baltah Byrd Browden
Race Elvale
Sex Male
Age 39
Order 5th
Unit Class Wizard
Element Fire
Level 25
Encountered Scene 22
Item Cute Dress
Route Maria

Baltar, also known as Baltah is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 25
VIT 40
L.I 28
C.I 76
LOY 52%

Website DescriptionEdit

An educated man who better fits the role of a scholar than a knight. Though he has a daughter at home whom he spoils, he treats Gudrun as part of his family.

Tome DescriptionEdit

"Before joining the knights, he was a respected educator and researcher. He has a daughter, Maimi, whom he spoils, and he gives similar treatment to Gudrun, one of his subordinates who looks and acts a lot like his daughter. Before being injured and let go, Garick once served under Baltar."


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Gudrun, One Like a Child: "I pray for Gudrun's safety often..."
  • On Gudrun, One Like a Child: "If I can protect her, I will."
  • On Gudrun, One Like a Child: "A knight in the 5th Order looks just like Maimi."
  • On Gudrun, One Like a Child:"...She looked like my daughter. I had to help..."
  • On Maimi, A Loving Daughter: "I had to leave my daughter back home."
  • On Maimi, A Loving Daughter: "I hope every day that she's doing okay."
  • On Maimi, A Loving Daughter: "My daughter's piano playing often lulls me to sleep."
  • On Garik, A Former Co-Worker: "I'm worried about that injured subordinate..."
  • On Garik, A Former Co-Worker: "...With an injury like his, he won't be able to return."
  • On Garik, A Former Co-Worker: "He regrets being the only survivor in that battle..."
  • On Garik, A Former Co-Worker: "Garik, you have to go on living... for them..."
  • On Mahmoud, A Former Teacher: "I was disappointed in Mr. Ma-- No. Sir Mahmoud."
  • On Mahmoud, A Former Teacher: "Sacrifices must be made, but I ask, at what price?"
  • On Mahmoud, A Former Teacher: "The desire to protect our kingdom... We shared that."
  • On Mahmoud, A Former Teacher: "He's so wise. It's all the more reason that he..."
  • On Morozof, A General: "At our age, we really shouldn't drink so much."
  • On Rondine, A General: "I'm sure he influences our general to the bar..."
  • On Melange, A Wizard: "He used the same spell, but got different results."
  • On Rudolf, A Concerning One: "A knight couple? Their retirement will be nice."
  • On Nordich, A Kind Lord: "Perhaps the prince was given too much freedom..."
  • On Nordich, An Unstable Heir: "Prince Nordich may be royalty, but still..."
  • On Wilmgard, A Kind Lord: "Why didn't the king tighten the prince's leash?"
  • On Wilmgard, A Kind Lord: "He should have acted first. Not that it matters now..."
  • "Some former students gave me this monocle as a gift."
  • "I was a researcher before this. It wasn't too bad."
  • "My monocle? I love it."
  • "My experience as a teacher was beneficial to me."
  • "Please be safe..."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "My daughter likes to look very feminine."
  • "Maybe this would look good on Gudrun too?"


  • "Let me... help."

Level Up:Edit

  • "I won't forget your kindness..."
  • "I receive this with gratitude."
  • "I see... thank you very much."
  • "My wish is to defeat our enemies..."


  • "I understand. I don't have a strong enough presence..."

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