I have many fond memories of this land. The way you surely must of Paltina. There is nothing sweeter than to die defending one's home!




Basic info
Gender Male
Japanese Voice Actor Inada Tetsu
English Voice Actor ???
Age: Blaze Union: 52

Yggdra Union: 55

Race: Human
Family: Unknown
Ace: Lance
Class: Guardian Knight
Birthplace: Bronquia
First Appearance: BF13
Height:  ??? cm

A fifty five-year-old grizzled and experienced veteran, Baldus (バルドゥス Barudusu?) is the oldest member of the Imperial Army. He is known as the God of War, a title handed down to the most powerful soldier in the Imperial Army. He is a native of Ishnad and is incredibly loyal to Gulcasa, serving as the Imperial defensive strategist. Although he is first encountered either in Lenessey or the battle for Castle Paltina (depending on whether the player completes the alternate Lenessey battlefields or not), his default post seems to be defending Fort Ishnad, the only entrance to Bronquia; this gives him the nickname "Bronquia's Shield". The only way to capture Ishnad is to defeat Baldus and his Guardian Knights. 

In the alternate Lenessey battlefields, Baldus is revealed to have been Bly's rival when he was a young captain.

He's voiced by Inada Tetsu in the PSP version.


Baldus is well-liked and respected by everyone in the Imperial Army, and treats even his enemies with courtesy. He is also known to be serious and earnest, and thus values fair play. Matched up against Yggdra's forces, Baldus finds himself enjoying the chance to duel with a worthy opponent, especially Durant, a fellow knight.



  • Ipponki: A simple, unadorned but perfectly crafted spear.


  • Mars Shield: A large shield with a decoration of the god Mars.
  • Grand Cross : He who went into combat wearing this never lost.


  • Werdna: A famous golden horse that ran 2,500 miles in a day.


Musical ThemeEdit

Baldus' musical theme is War Cry (鬨の声 Tokinokoe?).

Blaze Union OST - 38 War Cry Baldus's Theme01:35

Blaze Union OST - 38 War Cry Baldus's Theme

Baldus' theme in Blaze Union





  • In Blaze Union, he is noticeably thinner than his YU incarnation.
  • It is presumed he lost his right eye some time between the two games as it is visible in Blaze Union, but not Yggdra Union.

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