Albert Bergef
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Basic info
Kana ベルゲフ=ハールバート
Romaji Berugefu Hārubāto
Location Scene 9
Key Item Hammer

Albert (ベルゲフ Berugefu?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Gunther, A Renowned Knight: "I'd like to craft a spear for the Grand Marshal."
  • On Alonso, A Skilled Knight: "I fashioned a spear for him the other day."
  • On Alonso, A Skilled Knight: "I think a grand spear really suits Alonso."
  • On Gene, An Armorer's Son: "His father is a stubborn old smith."
  • On Gene, An Armorer's Son: "I'd like to sit down with Gene's father some day."
  • On Reinhart, A Renowned Knight: "What kind of spear does a general use?"
  • On Gilder, A Courier: "A courier delivered some good metal the other day."
  • On Gilder, A Courier: "He did say he would go anywhere I wanted him to."
  • On Norberg, A Customer: "I got another spear order, but I'm too busy right now."
  • On Freiber, A Knight Father: "A knight made a gift of a spear to his daughter."
  • On Fritz, A Courier's Ally: "I hear that courier has a knighted acquaintance."
  • "Not very many people are good with a spear."
  • "A weapon will fail you if you don't take care of it."
  • "If I make more than five a day, quality will suffer."
  • "I make weapons, but I specialize in spears."
  • "The knights give me orders too. I'm grateful, but..."
  • "A customer gave me some material I'm trying out."
  • "I can't accept new orders right now. I'm backlogged."
  • "A customer gave me some material I'm trying out."
  • "Crafting is only the beginning. I repair, too."
  • "All weapons wear down over time. Take care of them."
  • "Blacksmiths and alchemists are very different trades."
  • "Don't assume having a good weapon makes you strong."
  • "I can't produce 10,000 weapons for those knights!"
  • "A weapon will fail you if you don't take care of it."
  • "I don't sell to anyone who doesn't understand."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "Strike while the iron is hot!"
  • "I don't remember a day without this hammer..."
  • "This hammer is like an extension of my hand."
  • "All I've ever needed is this hammer."

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