The 7-Star Sword is a recurring weapon in the Dept. Heaven series.

A treasured sword with a beaded hilt, used for rituals.

This item first appeared as an equippable in Yggdra Union.

ATK -6
TEC +6
LUK +4
Lasts 1 Battlefield
Equip Yggdra and Russell
Effect LIT Attack Up
Location BF31

Morale RecoveryEdit

The 7-Star Sword is a sword in Knights in the Nightmare.

7-Star Sword
Type Duelist
Element Lightning
Level 38
Law Attack Thunder Spike -> Volt Spike
Chaos Attack Elec-Spiral
Effect 1 07
Effect 2 78
Effect 3 52
Phase Name Damage Hits Total
Law Thunder Spike -> Volt Spike 840 6 5040
Chaos Elec-Spiral 224 14 3136

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