10th Order
Full Title The 10th Order
Faction Wilmgard
Primary Role Intelligence and Reconnaissance
Head General Frabela
Roster 9 Knights

The 10th Order in the opening. The characters are Frabela, Grimwad, Oswald, and Juno (left to right).

The 10th Order is a knight order in Knights in the Nightmare. This is a new order led by General Frabela.

Game DescriptionEdit

"A new order led by Frabela. The general's character allows many talented officers to flourish. The soldiers in this order are very loyal to their young leader."


Frabela Frabela
Silvano Placeholder person Heinel Heinel
Grimwad Grimwad Juno Juno
Oswald Oswald Werner Werner
Ulrich Placeholder person Amalgun Amalgun


10th Order

The banner of the 10th Order.

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